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The department was formerly part of the department of SOIL PLANT and SOIL SCIENCE from 1961 to the end of 1972/1973 academic session,and later became a full-fledged department in1974.The degree B.SC (PLANT/Soil Science)was awarded in 1973.This was changed to B.SC(Soil Science)as from 1974.There was a change of curriculum in 1978 which saw the undergraduate education in soil science changing from four year programme to a five year programme, following this change,the university has been awarding undergraduate students of the department,on completion of their academic programme,the B.Agric.(Soil Science)Degree starting from those who graduate five years after the change in curriculum.precisely in1982.This new programme requires student from five of the department in the faculty of Agriculture(Agricultural Economics, Extention,Animal Science and Soil Science)to offer a common mix of courses in the first three year of the programme after which they would engage in a full year of practical farming and subsequently specialize in their individual field of study during the fifth/final year.

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