The Resource and Environmental Policy Research Centre (REPRC) is a centre established by the University of Nigeria Nsukka to serve as a research, capacity building and policy advocacy centre on resource and environmental policy issues in Nigeria. It is the proposed EfD centre in UNN.


Our Vision

The vision of REPRC UNN is to be a world class and key environment for development research and policy advocacy centre in Sub-Saharan Africa with major focus on Nigeria; training students that will act as change agents in Nigeria and regional environment sector; implementing cutting-edge researches that will have both local and global impact; while providing evidence-based input into policy formulation and advocacy towards solving the myriads of environmental and economic development problems in Nigeria and the region.


Our Goal

The goal of REPRC UNN is to build capacity and conduct research and advocacy environment, agriculture, natural resources, climate and related issues, and thus facilitate and support evidence-based policymaking, policy implementation and ensure policy effectiveness in Nigeria for poverty reduction and sustainable development.


Objectives of the REPRC-UNN

The specific objectives of the Centre are to:

  1. undertake research in environment, agriculture, natural resources, climate and related issues to facilitate evidence-based policymaking in Nigeria to ensure poverty reduction and sustainable development;
  2. conduct training, and mentorship programmes for postgraduate students, UNN staff and other members of the larger society;
  3. provide opportunities for members and other identified researchers within the University of Nigeria, in particular, and Nigeria in general, to engage in international research collaborations in the environment, agriculture, natural resources and climate issues;
  4. create a forum in which academics, policy makers and civil servants set the research agenda for critical resource and environmental policy issues in Nigeria;
  1. share research results, support, host and/or participate in academic events and engage in policy dialogue with government and other stakeholders to facilitate policy implementation.



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