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                                                 IN AGRICULTURE.



Space-dependent technology is of value to farmers, agronomists, food manufacturers and agricultural policymakers who wish to simultaneously enhance production and profitability. Precision farming embraces the use of autonomous vehicles, automated machines, real-time network surveillance cameras, satellite imageries of farmland and Global Navigational Satellite System based operations to handle farm operations. Precision farming helps to determine the soil type, plants requirements and increases farm output. Smart agriculture is promoted through the application of space technology. Rainfall assessments from satellites, for example, help farmers plan the timing and amount of irrigation they will need for their crops. Accurate information and analysis can also help predict a region’s agricultural output well in advance and can be critical in anticipating and mitigating the effects of food shortages and famines.

The workshop is focused on sharing knowledge and experiences on the applications of space research and technology in agriculture among Academia, Agriculturists, Space Practitioners, and Policy Makers interested in the application of space-dependent technology in advancing agriculture towards enhancing food security and economic development.


The core objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Showcase various advances in the application of space-dependent technology in agriculture,
  • Upskill participants in various areas they could conduct researches as it relates to space sciences and technology in agriculture,
  • Determine the various areas on how space technology can benefit agriculture and government decision-making in Africa and
  • Facilitate participants capacity on development of effective work plans for space research and technology applications in agriculture.

Date: 4th – 7th May, 2020

Venue: ICT Unit Complex, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.


Application and Abstract submission

Closing Date for application and abstract submission is 11.59 pm local time on 31st March, 2020.

Participation shall be by invitation only to successful candidates

Workshop page:



Workshop Programme

The workshop programme will consist of a series of technical sessions, plenary presentations and some social events. Certificate will be presented to all participants.

Registration Fee

Registration for this workshop is free.




Professor Agwu Ekwe Agwu; Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, UNN

Professor Babatunde Rabiu, Director/CEO, Centre for Atmospheric Research, NASRDA, Anyigba.

Mr.  Aloysius Maduforo; Point of Contact, Faculty of Agriculture, UNN

Bimbo Jamah; Point of Contact, Centre for Atmospheric Research, NASRDA, Anyigba.

Dr. Oluwole Akinnagbe; Facilitator, Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology, FUTA

Workshop email: