Call for Expression of Interest to Present a Lecture

Call for Expression of Interest to Present a Lecture

Pursuant to its mandate of teaching, research & development and outreach, the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nigeria hereby calls on all interested persons within the Faculty to forward their expression of interest to the Faculty Lecture Series Committee.
The objectives of the lecture series are to:
i.elevate the atmosphere of intellectual discourse in the Faculty by stimulating and challenging the minds and spirit of members;
ii.give faculty members an opportunity outside of the classroom to share their passion: inspire, question and motivate thoughts about the subjects they have dedicated their lives to researching and teaching;
iii.cultivate a stronger academic atmosphere in the Faculty of Agriculture, UNN by showcasing the scholarly research of faculty from across the component departments and related entities outside;
iv.present to some depth and rigor, the scholarly questions and goals of the individual faculty members, share their enthusiasm and dedication that sustain their creative efforts; and,
v.encourage collaborations among faculty members, departments, industry, governments and other stakeholders in the further development and utilisation of the ideas and innovations arising from the lectures.

For further information about content of lecture, time tabling and protocols, communication and dissemination, and other requirements please visit the Faculty website at .

Your timely reaction is solicited as a schedule of the accepted lectures for 2019 will be published before the end of January, 2019.

Prof. C. U. Okoye                                                                        Mrs Nkem Mgbemene
Chairman                                                                                      Secretary
08036991587                                                                               08038246706